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About Us

Maddix Drafting & Design LLC is a US based CAD and BIM design service firm based in Stevens Point, WI.

We provide detailed technical drawings or plans for, but not limited to, buildings, commercial infrastructure, sections, etc. We utilize computer-aided design software (AutoCAD, Revit, and SolidWorks) and manual sketches to convert the designs, plans, and layouts of engineers and architects into a set of technical drawings.

We operate as supporting designers and drafters. Providing sketch engineering designs and drawings from preliminary design concepts. We are aware that producing technical drawings can be demanding which is why we are well trained, certified and equipped to outperform your expectations.

Maddix Drafting & Design LLC is a client – focused AutoCAD and BIM drafting firm that provides broad – based services at affordable rates. We offer a standard and professional AutoCAD drafting service to all clients at a local, state, & national level.

At Maddix Drafting & Design LLC, our client’s best interest always come first, and everything we do is guided by our values and professional ethics. 

Architectural Drafting Service, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

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Our Design Services

To understand how we can help improve your architectural design process, take a look at the architectural design services we provide...

2D CAD Drawings & Floor Plan Design  –  How does the space function? Photorealistic graphics make you feel as if you’re in the space, while 2D floor plans allow you to understand how everything flows. Our designers can take your specifications and produce a top-down floor plan view for your customers to get a better understanding of the area they are looking to rent out or purchase.

Architectural Drawings  –  Design criteria derived from state & local code regulations & client direction, our architectural designers create blueprints and schematics prior to construction. Our global network of design talent can take this crucial documentation off your hands.

Architectural Site Plans – When you complete a writing assignment, you need to create an outline. An architectural site plan is this step-by-step outline to allow building contractors to create that next residential or commercial project. Site plans are crucial for accuracy, precision, and staying on budget. This service requires attention-to-detail and someone who can ensure all the necessary drafts and models are completed, which is something our freelance designers can make happen.

Architectural Presentation Service  –  Convincing your investors and clients to understand your project and invest in it can be a daunting process. This step is where architectural presentation services come into play. Our team can take your drafts and models and create exceptional presentations that motivate your audience to purchase as well as provide them with a better understanding of the thought process behind your designs.

AutoCAD Drafting & Design  –  Whether you are an interior designer, real estate agent, architect, or building contractor, AutoCAD is an excellent drafting program to produce accurate and detailed drawings and drafts. Our team believes in working with the best equipment and software programs, which is why AutoCAD is a premier tool of choice for our designers who work with architectural designs.

CAD Drafting  –  Computers have made technical drawing and drafting a lot less complicated and more straightforward. Designers can use computer-aided design (CAD) to create drafts in real-time while creating models more efficiently and effectively. Specifically, CAD enables the detailed creation of blueprints, technical drafts, and architectural design as a whole.

Architectural Rendering Services  –  During the design process, there may be times that are challenging to understand the scale of objects within a property. This reason is why isometric drawing services are critical to the design process. Isometric drawings are the representation of an object in three dimensions. Our designers can use this technique as it makes it much easier to see an object with the correct scale. 

These are just some of the services our designers can offer in conjunction with general architectural drafting services. For additional services or to request a quote please visit my Services page.

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